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Graduate  Testimonial

Jack Wong

Travel & Tourism Diploma 5 Star CITC Endorsement Alumni - Vancouver Campus

Life is a journey, not a destination. So true the experience of travelling, and of studying at CTC. By necessity, establishing a good foundation in tourism and hospitality is a daunting task, whether to teach it or to learn it. Such is the respect I have for my instructors and the experience I share with my classmates as I journey through CTC.

Every person is unique. At CTC, I learned to treasure when others differed. There were occasions, in class or on field trips, when we were not exactly in our comfort zones - an excellent opportunity for us to search inward and reach outward, and grow! This awareness is a crucial communication link in building rapport, with our colleagues, clients and loved ones.

There is nothing worse than fear but fear itself. Typical at CTC are very short learning modules, when examinations and projects are due. It somewhat simulates reality when sales have to be closed, paperwork have to be finalised, trade-shows have to be attended, presentations have to be prepared - sometimes simultaneously. Really, when this happens, there is no time to fear, except to take the bull by the horn, and act immediately! But then also, there is that great necessity to maintain that inner calm and sanity, or face the consequence of total burn-out.

I have this huge wall-poster in my tiny living quarter, perhaps some of you have seen before, titled "Destiny" - a lonely Thai wooden boat lying on a white sandy-beach, a huge karst island protruding skyward in the ocean behind, somewhere in Krabe (Thailand), a place I would love to cruise in the near future. The caption states: “The choice we make, not the chances we take, determine our destiny.” I will remember that simple statement as I journey on, building upon the knowledge and friendship I've earned at CTC.

Jack Wong
Travel & Tourism Diploma 5 Star CITC Endorsement Alumni
Vancouver Campus
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