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Graduate  Testimonial

Ana Chabrand

Dear Canadian Tourism College family,

Shortly after I began my studies in CTC I knew I had made the right decision. I had been to University before, to study design & writing but felt that I was missing something. So, I decided to go and explore my other passion: Travel & Tourism.

In late June 2013, my real adventure began; I took part in the Travel & Tourism Business Management + Co-Op program in Surrey Campus. My teachers were so passionate about their subjects; it was impossible not to fall in love with the industry. Everything I learned was relevant and interesting. Classes were hard and there was loads of hard work, but I knew it would be all worth it one day. The teachers and the rest of the staff were and still are, always there to answer questions and to provide academic, professional and friendly advice.

After finishing my Co-Op program working as a Travel Consultant for a Travel Incentive Company, I felt ready to try new things in the industry so I contacted the school for advice. I was in the lookout for a job that gave me a balance between my creative side and my travel-business one. Incidentally, Claire Newell, who has a close relationship with the school, was looking to hire someone and had asked the school to recommend her someone. So, CTC got me an interview for a position at Claire’s agency “Travel Best Bets”. I went to the interview and got the job right on the spot! Right away, I started as Office and Marketing Assistant for Travel Best Bets and just a couple of months into the job I became the Marketing Coordinator for Claire Newell Ent.

Without the schooling at CTC I couldn’t have had the knowledge and the confidence to build my own path in this industry. I didn’t doubt I would eventually find something that had everything I wanted in a job, but I could’ve never expected such doors to open up to me so early in my career.

I am incredibly thankful to CTC and of everyone I met there. I would recommend CTC to anyone who is looking to strive and succeed and most importantly- is passionate about a career in travel. Whatever your goals are in this industry CTC is the right place to start.

Travel & Tourism Business Management
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Canadian Tourism College (CTC) has been the Canadian leader in high-end hospitality, travel and tourism career training and education for over 30 years. CTC is the first accredited tourism college in British Columbia, and the only specialty career training institution that focuses on the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.

With a mix of in-class theory, hands-on practical experience and online instruction, CTC has helped over 30,000 students turn their passions into long-lasting, exciting travel tourism careers. Taught by experienced tourism professionals, CTC focuses on developing necessary industry skills and a professional image sought by travel and tourism employers. CTC campuses are situated in Vancouver and Surrey, with easy access to beaches, ski hills, cruise ships and more.

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