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May 2020 Contiki Trip with CTC

Our Contiki trip sets a new standard for Tourism education!

This exciting feature is designed so that students can gain first-hand experience in all aspects of the travel industry while seeing some of the most spectacular destinations in the world. As part of the Contiki adventure, students will have the chance to take part in activities such as presentations and inspections of London hotels and hostels and cooking and eating with the locals in France. They will be taken on a cruise along the Seine, head out on a patisseries tour, visit Chateau Fontainebleau and stay at Contiki’s own Chateau de Cruix – the travel company’s ‘Special Stay’. Most importantly, students will receive behind-the-scenes instruction from the Contiki team to help them understand how to design and operate life-changing trips for travellers.

This trip is now open to all CTC students in any program, as long as they do not require a visa to travel to England or France.

Below are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If the information you’re looking for isn’t here, please contact us.

What is included in the costs of the European tour?

Air travel, accommodations, 12 meals (5 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 6 dinners), Contiki Trip Manager to guide your tour throughout the trip, and coach and driver as required by the itinerary.

Is the cost of the trip included in tuition?

Yes—if you are in the Travel and Tourism diploma program. Both Contiki and Canadian Tourism College are subsidizing this program to make this spectacular addition available to you!

If you are in another program, there will be a $500.00 non-refundable deposit due 3 days after acceptance, and a subsequent payment of $2,142.00 required, for a total of $2,642.00. The deadline to pay this balance is March 2nd, 2020 at 3pm.

If I am a Canadian Citizen or a Canadian Landed Immigrant, is my tuition, which now includes this European trip, eligible for student loans? (Travel & Tourism Diploma program only)

Yes! Student Loans allows you to apply for $1800 towards a “field trip” as long as it is part of your program that every student must take (this is); therefore we have made it possible for student loans to cover all of a good portion of your entire educational costs- including this European trip.

Are there a limited number of spots available for this trip?

Yes! As of mid-January, we have 13 spots available.

What are the educational opportunities on this trip?

✓ Red Carnation hotel presentation and Inspection
✓ Jo and Joe hostel presentation and Inspection
✓ Patisseries Tour
✓ Seine Cruise
✓ Entry in to the Chateau Fontainebleau
✓ Wine tasting at the Chateau
✓ Special MUNCH dinner at the Chateau

What does the itinerary look like?

Click here to view the anticipated itinerary for the May 2020 Contiki trip. Please note that this itinerary provides a general outline and is subject to change.