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Flight Attendant Pre-Employment Diploma

Dreaming of getting paid to travel? Can you picture yourself working at 30,000 feet in the sky and visiting the far corners of the world?

Being a flight attendant isn't just a job - it's a lifestyle. The aviation industry offers exciting opportunities to jet off to Europe for the weekend and take advantage of the many incredible free perks for extended travels. Most flight attendants work only about 12 to 15 days monthly, so say goodbye to the 9 to 5 grind! Say hello to a career with an unlimited ceiling.

Many airlines are constantly searching for flight attendants who have what it takes. This training offers a variety of career options:

  • Once in the system, you can move into a supervisory position after a few years
  • You can become a flight attendant recruiter or instructor
  • You will be able to move into other related areas of the airlines company

Why Choose CTC's Flight Attendant Pre-Employment Diploma?

Canadian Tourism College has one of the top flight attendant schools in the country, offering a full training focused on:

  • Effective communication skills and problem-solving techniques essential to succeed in the aviation industry.
  • Helping you develop the professional image and confidence sought by airlines.
  • The particular dynamics of airlines teamwork and diversity.
  • Exploring your strengths and vulnerabilities with experienced instructors to be fully prepared for this unique career.

You will emerge from this program with valuable leadership qualities and the many service skills required by this profession. Request free information today for CTC's premiere flight attendant school!



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