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CTC Franchises in the Philippines

Philippines eyed as tourism training hub in Asia
December 5, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – The Canadian Tourism & Hospitality Institute (CTHI), the country’s first international franchise of the Vancouver-based Canadian Tourism College, aims to transform the Philippines as the premier tourism and hospitality training center in Asia.

CTHI president Samie Lim told reporters during a seminar on ‘8 Pillars of Growth Strategy’ for the tourism sector organized by the institute that there is a strong need to upgrade the standards of tourism and hospitality schools in the country.
“We aim to become the training center in Asia,” Lim said.

Lim said that CTHI will lead the way in upgrading the current standards to the international level in terms of course curriculum, training and facilities.  CTHI will access the curriculum, policies, procedures and intellectual property from the well known and respected Canadian Tourism College (CTC).     

With the standards that CTHI brings when it opens its first school in June, Lim expects to change the tourism course landscape in the country in a matter of three years.

CTHI plans to put up schools in other parts in tourist destination areas such as Boracay, Bohol, Davao or Cebu on a franchise arrangement.

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Graduate  Testimonial

Jyn San Miguel

Dear CTC Family,

First and foremost, I would to say thank you because being part of your college helped me significantly in my career: CTC has been a big part of my life more than just learning Tourism, Sales and English!

During my time at CTC, I had been working a part time job at Starbucks and applied some of the skills I learned from Professional Selling Skills: up-selling and cross-selling increased my sales per customer significantly. I also had an opportunity to work with larger-branch banks such as BMO, CIBC and MBNA to sell their credit cards; in fact, I did very well with this. During my on-field shift selling credit cards at Surrey Central SkyTrain Station, a businessman was impressed with my selling ability. He gave me his business card; he was the District Manager at Mobilicity Corporate. I started to work in a small Mobilicity kiosk, and moved my way up to the head retail outlet. I have been recognized as the top sales employee at the national level.

Since then, I have transitioned my career and incorporating my passion for fitness, I am now working for Steve Nash Fitness World… still as a Sales Superstar! On my second month at this job, I achieved the top sales position in my league. I have many more exciting stories to share to all of you; but as a token of appreciation, I wanted to write this short letter to show my gratitude.

I am very happy to be part of Canadian Tourism College!

Jyn San Miguel

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