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IATA Exam Information September 2011


Next Exam Date - In the week of Sept 5, 2011

Paper 1: 0900 – 1300 and Paper 2 – 1330 – 1630

All Travel and Tourism Students writing the Foundation Course will write Paper 1 and Paper 2 on this date.

Vancouver students will write at the Vancouver Campus and the Surrey students will write at the Surrey Campus.

Please note:Your practice exam will be activated by February 10, 2011 and remember that you only have one attempt at this exam so be sure to make lots of notes and tab your manuals accordingly.

Guidelines specific to the examination session are:

All students must use a ballpoint pen.

IATA Travel and Tourism examinations are Open Course Book format.

Only your IATA/UFTAA course study materials are allowed in the examination room.  

The IATA/UFTAA foldout map is not permitted.

No other external or supplementary references are allowed.  All notes and addendum updates must be made on the course contents pages.

Atlases, notebooks, loose paper notes (other than course content pages), diaries and agendas are not permitted in the examination room.

A non-programmable pocket calculator and a language dictionary are permitted.  Cell phone calculators are not permitted.  Also note, computers are not permitted during this exam.  Cell phones must be on silent and placed away from the exam area.

The IATA Foundation course examination will be based on course Edition 5.10

For those students who have been issued IATA kits version 5.9 please see the posting in Career Hunters under “Addendums IATA Exam” (please scroll down as the link is not at the top of the page) for the most current information to bridge the minor changes between version 5.9 and 5.10.   The file you will download is a zipped file (compressed file that will open to reveal 15 pdf documents).  To make the most of these available addendums please refer to the Reference Guide first as that will guide you through any further adjustments you may want to make to your manuals.

Permitted Materials are shown on the IATA website using the following link:


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Graduate  Testimonial

Monika Scott

I have very good news! Kaitlyn O. and I have both gotten new jobs as passenger service agents at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for United Airlines! It's really my dream come true!

Originally I had emailed saying I got an interview with Air North, and turns out, Kaitlyn had applied for the same spot as well! We had our interviews on the same day just about 2 hours apart from each other! We went to college together, worked at Holland America together and now we're getting an opportunity to work together again but for an airline!

So here we are, with all our research done about Air North and excited to work for the airline; but little did we know, Air North had scored two big contracts this year; one for United Airlines and another for American Airlines. Air North was recruiting and employing many people but we were being split into two groups, one for UA and the other for AA!

Kaitlyn and I have been put into the UA contract! For the past week and for the upcoming two weeks, we will be attending training which is Monday to Friday, 6-2pm at the Sandman Signature Hotel in Richmond. Our instructor is from Hawaii and she flies home every Friday afternoon and comes back to Vancouver by Sunday! She does this for all sorts of destinations, domestic and international, every couple of weeks to train United employees all around the world! How cool is that?

We are being trained to work on United's reservation system, which is SHARES in order to check in people at the airport. It is a blend of Apollo and Sabre; the background knowledge in both was a big help! Thank you!! They are also giving us safety training and some jet bridge operation training as well.

Just wanted to share all the new and excited things happening! Hopefully you will be seeing us behind the United counters or kiosks next time you visit the airport!

Thanks for all your support and great teachings to get us here!

Lots of love, Monika Scott
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with ctc!

with ctc!

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