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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If the information you’re looking for isn’t here, please contact us.

How many students are in a class?

Our maximum class size is 35 students to ensure you’ll be able to get to know your instructor, and them you!

When do programs start?

We’ve recently moved to 4 start times a year: September, January, April and June. There can be some flexibility depending on your situation, but it’s best to plan at the start of one of those months.

How much does a program cost?

Cost varies by program. Up-to-date program tuition and fee breakdown appears on the Finances pages of the website.

Are CTC programs eligible for student loans?

Yes! We are designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the BC government, which makes our programs eligible for provincial and federal student loans.

Does CTC accept transfer credits from other schools?

Yes! The Canadian Tourism College will consider applications from students that may be eligible for recognition of prior learning or a credit transfer. To submit an application, CTC requires a full course outline, transcript of marks showing successful completion at a post-secondary institution or will require a meeting with the Senior Education Administrator to discuss recognition of prior learning that commenced outside a post-secondary institution. Please note a fee of $250.00 is due for assessment considerations. You can download the application form here.

Can CTC guarantee me a job when I graduate?

Sorry, we can’t guarantee employment. You will receive a high-level of education and training with a focus on employable skills in a growing field. However, your employability will also depend on things like your work ethic and attitude. We work hard to highlight these things throughout our programs to ensure you are in the best possible place to be hired when you graduate.

What kind of job can I get when I graduate?

This will depend on what program you take, but the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry is rapidly growing across British Columbia. In fact, they are saying there will be a shortage of 100,000 employees by 2020! So really the question is: what kind of job do you want?

Can I transfer into a University program when I finish?

Yes! The number of transfer credits you will get in recognition of the program you completed at CTC will depend on the university you are interested in attending. CTC has established partnerships with a few universities to make this transition easier for you. Check out Pathways & Partners to learn more!

Are CTC programs recognized across Canada and the world?

Yes they are! We are proud of our connections across the globe and the various locations our alumni have gone to work. For more details, please ask your Admissions Advisor, or check out our Graduate Outcomes.

How do I pay my fees if I don’t have a Canadian Bank account or Credit Card?

You can pay your fees on Flywire from any country by bank transfer or credit card, often in your home currency. You will need to create an account on the Flywire website with your basic personal information in order to use this service.

How to Make a Payment

  1. Go to Canadian Tourism College’s payment portal (tourismcollege.flywire.com) to enter the amount you owe and the country you will be paying from.
  2. Select your payment option and payment type.
  3. Create a Flywire account or log in to your existing account. Enter basic information to initiate your payment booking.
  4. Review and confirm your payment.
  5. Follow your payment instructions to send funds to Flywire.
    Note: Payment instructions are only valid for one payment. If you wish to make another payment to Canadian Tourism College, please initiate a new booking.
  6. Track your payment by logging into your Flywire account at any time. You can be notified with text and email status updates each step of the way. Get confirmation when your payment has been delivered to Canadian Tourism College.
    Need help? Contact Flywire’s multilingual customer support!Toll-Free: 1-800-346-9252 | Email: support@flywire.com

    Web: https://www.flywire.com/help