Get the foundation you need to work in the fast-paced and exciting career as a flight attendant! In this program you will train in customer service, safety, and aircraft systems. You leave this program with many helpful credentials – Advanced First Aid, Serving It Right, and Food Safety Certification – to show all the major airlines you’ve got what it takes.

Program Options

  • Flight Attendant Diploma – 12 weeks of instruction

Flight Attendant Diploma – 12 weeks of instruction

Aircraft Safety & Critical Incident Training: Learn to identify and manage situations that may threaten the safety of the aircraft, crew, and passengers.

Aircraft Systems: The Boeing 737-700, Airbus 320, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 747-400 will be studied in this course. For each aircraft, you will learn about: operation of cabin doors and over-wing exits, galley electrical systems, oxygen systems, emergency lighting, communication systems, master panels/ordinance signs, passenger seating/controls, and lavatories.

Airport Familiarization: Enables you to become familiar with the layout and services offered at an International Airport within their city.

Assisting Travelers with Disabilities: Gain a perspective on how to understand and contribute in a positive and professional way to work with guests and other members of the community who have a disability.

Aviation Company Training: Exposes you to the aviation industry and/or flight attendant role through onsite visitations relevant to the course topic that is being studied.

Basic Food Safety Training: Learn how to conform to food safety regulations particularly in food and beverage departments within the hospitality sector.

Cabin Firefighting: Provides you with information regarding the identification of types of fires, fire detection and fire-fighting systems, equipment available, and fire-fighting procedures onboard and outside the aircraft.

Cultural Seminar: Become familiar with the multiculturalism within our city. Learn about the First Nations presence and its relevance for tourism in Vancouver, attracting worldwide recognition. This course gives you the opportunity to view your home city from the eyes of a tourist.

Emergency Procedures Training: Learn about the different types of evacuations, crew responsibilities, and procedures in emergency and evacuation situations. The evacuation procedures for on land and water.
First Aid Training: successful completion of this course will include being certified with Standard First Aid with CPR level C and AED.

Introduction to the Airline Industry: Learn all about: airline terminology, history of the flight attendant, 24 hour clock, phonetic alphabet, time zones, calculation of flight duration, IATA city codes, airline 2 letter codes, factors of flight, aviation regulatory bodies, and chronological sequence of flight events according to a Flight perspective.

Leadership: Learn about leaderships and how it relates to the professional and personal aspects of an individual’s life.

Onboard Service Procedures: Gain an overview of various on-board services offered by airlines throughout the industry, including wine appreciation and service.

Personal Awareness: Designed to provide you with information regarding the development of the professional image that airlines seek, while increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Professional Development: This course covers all aspects of professional development including resume writing, job application cover letters, job sources, and interview skills.

Self-Awareness: Explore personal strengths, vulnerabilities, values, beliefs, maturity, honesty, emotional control, and power issues. Challenges that may be faced while traveling abroad, such as cultural differences, moral standards and political expectations will be discussed.

Safety & Service Announcements: Provides you with information regarding general guidelines of how to perform demonstrations, deliver announcements using the public address systems on board an aircraft.

Serving it Right: The required certification to serve alcohol, Serving it Right teaches you how to carry out the important roles and responsibilities that are involved with serving alcohol.

Student Project: Designed to assist in furthering you knowledge of the airline industry, you will be expected to select an airline, research the airline, and give a detailed presentation to the class.

Team Building: Learn the key components that enable a person to engage in productive teamwork behaviour and how to manage the behaviour of others in the communication circle and conflict cycle that can result.

Our Flight Attendant Instructors & Recognized Experts


Christina Ling

Flight Attendant

Christina flew with Air Canada as a Flight Attendant and new hire Trainer/Mentor for 15 years. She is a dedicated, committed, caring educator, who is passionate about teaching and sharing all of her industry knowledge and experiences.


Leah Fajardo

Flight Attendant

Working in more than 120 countries around the world, Leah brought her love of traveling and being a part of the flying process to Canadian Tourism College in 2015. After 11 years of flying around the world she brings incredible industry insight.

Graduate Testimonials

See what Angelica has to say about her experience in the Flight Attendant Diploma program!

“CTC helped me to become part of one of the leading airlines in Canada”

“CTC helped me to become a professional individual and to become part of one of the leading airlines in Canada. All instructors are very accommodating and you’ll learn a lot from them. Thanks a lot!”

– Angelica Narra

Program: Travel Tourism Business Management
Year Graduated: 2017
Current Employment: WestJet


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